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Fidel Castro (13.08.1926 – 25.11.2016) – the great internationalist and anti-imperialist

The editorial collective of „Władza Rad” with great sadness bids farewell to the legendary leader of the Cuban Revolution of 1959, the long-standing president of the Republic of Cuba, the great internationalist and anti-imperialist, Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro along with Ernesto Che Guevara, was the leader of the first socialist revolution in the Western Hemisphere.

The Cuban Revolution was an invaluable example to the whole Latin American Left. The Cuban Revolution was the first powerful example of a successful resistance against imperialism and the first attempt at construction of a socialist society on the American continent in a hostile enviroment. Thanks to Castro's example, Salvador Allende came to power in Chile, thanks to Castro's example, construction of a socialist society in Venezuela has been commenced by Fidel's great friend, Hugo Chavez.

The Cuban Revolution has stood the test of time, it survived the invasion at Playa Giron and long decades of the economic embargo. Cuba has been the only of the COMECON countries which has not submitted to the counter-revolutionary wave at the turn of 1980s and 1990s.

Despite numerous difficulties and the counter-revolutionary threat, capitalism in Cuba has not been yet restored. Thanks to collaboration with Venezuela, Cuba was able to enter a new path of development.

We bid farewell do Fidel Castro as an anti-capitalist revolutionary and as a builder of a social justice state with high quality of education and healthcare. Appreciated by great figures like writer and Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez and despised by the imperialist reactionaries like Reagan and Trump and their „democratic” minions, the fiery orator Fidel Castro will forever live as a symbol of struggle of social justice and anti-imperialist resistance.

For this reason we, Communists of the „Władza Rad” website, receive with sadness and sorrow the message about His death.

We express our most sincere condolences to the Cuban People, the President of Cuba, Raul Castro, the Communist Party of Cuba and the Cuban working class, who has lost its great supporter and defender.

Editorial collective of „Władza Rad”


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